Closing the Cleft

A Learning and Planning Tool for Future Cleft Surgeons

How does an interactive 3D model have to be designed in order to offer various functions and to fulfill the visual needs of future surgeons?

The use of 3D visualization in the everyday life of surgeons is ubiquitous. Interactive and mobile media determine the procurement of information in this area. However, there are no adequate learning media at the current state of technology. „Closing the Cleft” is an interactive 3D model for future professionals of the cranio- maxillofacial surgery. This tool helps them to train the planning of a cleft lip and palate closing surgery. They can practice doing deliberations based on actual patient data and compare their results on a web platform. With this device surgeons can prepare themselves for these rare surgeries. The design transfers contents of surgical teaching in mobile media, and thus fills a gap in the scientific flow of information.


Student:‌­ Kathi Kant

Field of Excellence: Kommunikation, Erkenntnisvisualisierung
Mentoring: Joe Rohrer, Fabienne Boldt, Björn Franke und Katja Schwenzer-Zimmerer

Title: Closing the Cleft – Ein interaktives Lern- und Planungs-Modell für angehende Spaltchirurgen

Master of Arts in Design
Visual Communication & Knowledge Visualization